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Simple but effective, our Classic range wall stickers look great in uniform formations as well as random placements so you can't really go wrong here. You'll love the matte fabric-like finish that makes them look as though they’ve been painted directly to your wall.

Includes: 40 wall stickers, 7cm x 7cm

Includes: 20 wall stickers, 13cm x 13cm

What's The Stock? All our Wall Paper and Wall Stickers are printed on a premium quality, lightly textured, matte finish, self-adhesive wall vinyl. All inks used for printing carry the internationally recognised Greenguard Gold certification and are UV cured which means extremely minimal outgassing - no smelly stickers here!

How Do I Install My Stickers? We'll send you some detailed written instructions with your purchase, however installation couldn't be simpler - just peel off the backing sheet and stick to a clean dry surface.

Where Can I Stick My Stickers? Just about anywhere, seriously! Any hard, flat, non-porous surface is an ideal location for these beauties. Walls are awesome but you could try the fridge, a window, or maybe a mirror.
Please note, as they are easily removed, our wall sticker products should not be installed within a distance in which infant/children sleep and/or occupy without continuous adult supervision. 

Will They Damage My Painted Walls? In most cases, no. However, we can't account for the integrity or condition of every paint/painted surface. So, here are some things to keep in mind;
Always give a freshly painted wall 30 days drying time before installing your stickers as paint out-gasses as it dries.
- Installation to paint that is very old, single coat, or poor quality is not advised.
 This product is not suitable for some wash-and-wear or Promar 200/400 zero VOC painted walls unfortunately that paint is literally designed to not let anything stick! 

I'm Moving House, How Do I Move My Stickers? Moving our wall stickers is easy and you don't need to keep the backing paper either. Simply peel your sticker off the wall and lay sticky-side-up on a dust free desk or benchtop. Now cover the sticky side with plastic wrap or tin foil from the kitchen. It's best to transport them flat and then re-apply to new walls the same way you installed them the first time.

I need it urgently! We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround, however we understand that some projects can’t wait. As we print in-house, we have more control over production times, therefore if you need your order urgently get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Make It Bigger Any of our designs can be printed at a larger scale please just send us an email with your request and we'll send you a custom quote.

Make It Yours. Still not satisfied? Want to add a name, or use a custom colour perhaps? We design and manufacture all our products in-house so don't be shy, e-mail us at with what you're after and we'll come up with a design and quote for you.

Dispatch All our products are made to order to ensure the best possible finish and colour consistency. Depending on the size of your order dispatch will be within 1-5 business days of purchase.

Packaging All TD at Home orders are packed with care in either a long box or mailing satchel. We take every precaution to ensure that the product is in top condition when it arrives at your door, however if for any reason your goods arrive damaged please let us know straight away.

Shipping All items are sent via Sendle, this third party shipping fullfilment service utilises various courier companies to deliver your parcel. Each TD at Home order is updated with shipment tracking details once booked in for dispatch.