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At Tint Design Pty Ltd window film and wall graphics have been our trade for over 30 years, so it would be easy for us to overlook the simple questions that you might have about the products and installation services we have to offer through TD at Home.

So, we’ve answered a few common questions below but if you’d like to ask us something else, then please, get in touch!

Does the darker the solar film mean, the better the performance?
Often the darker the film the better the glare reduction (brightness), however that doesn’t automatically mean better performance in heat reduction. It can be confusing as there are some films on the market that perform better to help reduce heat but are lighter in tone. This is why we send a qualified estimator to every job to determine what the most suitable film will be for you.

Does window film block out noise?
In short - No it doesn’t. You could argue otherwise on a technicality however the decibel drop is not discernible to the human ear. There just isn’t enough mass in the product to absorb the noise.

Does window film help keep heat in?
Yes it can, if a LowE type of solar film is chosen. Standard solar films may only bounce up to 5% of heat back into the room in winter time. With a LowE film installed, that percentage can increase to approximately 30%-40%.

Is my solar film likely to go purple?
No, modern solar films are made in a completely different way. In the past, the manufacturing process of window film included using different strength dyes to give the film its colour. When exposed to UV rays these dyes would fade over time often shifting the tone of the film from grey to purple.

Will my film bubble?
Again, due to technology advancements within the film manufacturing industry, the adhesives that used to be oil based and quite unstable during installation have been upgraded and are much more forgiving during installation. That said, bubbles can also be a result of either trapped air or trapped water and while it doesn’t happen often they can appear from time to time within a few hours of the install. If this happens please get in touch and we’ll send an assessor out at your earliest convenience!