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Privacy Window Film Solutions

Posted by Cassie Blomquist on
Privacy Window Film Solutions

Frosted Film is an opaque translucent window film that allows light into a space but limits visibility.


  • Variations in opacity, colour and even texture are available giving you complete design control, it’s also a great solution for blocking out unsightly views or creating a privacy screen.
  • A decorative option, without being too bold, is to stencil cut the film to create a pattern or silhouette image from the frosted film that can be both delicate and elegant at the same time.


  • When it’s a question of controlling light, then complete blockout film may be the answer.
  • Home theatres are a great example of a room in your home that you may wish to block out light indefinitely from external windows while maintaining the ability to easily revert back to the room’s original state should you decide to re-purpose the space.


  • Squid® is a unique self-adhesive translucent textile for window treatment that can offer privacy and a soft elegant finish. Unlike most vinyl window films,
  • Squid® is a single layer woven fabric with an adhesive backing that allows for installation to any flat-glass surface.


Selecting the right window film or decorative solution for your windows or walls can be a daunting task, so let us help you narrow your search to find a solution that is right for you, your space, and your budget.

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